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Spark! offers a fresh take on
the traditional entrepreneurial conference, with an interactive component putting the focus on the attendee’s business concepts.

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What is Spark?

Spark is an interactive conference that focuses on developing business ideas and vital business relationships where ideas, connections and passions are exchanged in a creative environment.

Spark meets the needs of the business community and focuses on connecting approximately 400 entrepreneurs, investors, service providers, consultants and creatives in one interactive format.

  • Connect local business-minded people with related ideas
  • Connect entrepreneurs with funding resources
  • Help entrepreneurs build their businesses with interactive workshops and projects
  • Provide solid resources and connections that attendees can actually use
  • Show new forms of community related advertising through sponsor presence
  • Present sponsors to a targeted (and interested) audience

What will you find at Spark?

1. Pitch Sessions: Spark II will feature 10-12 entrepreneur presentations. At each session, an entrepreneur group will present their business concept in a 5 minute elevator pitch style using visuals to help define key concepts. An advisory panel will ask the entrepreneurs questions, give advice and then tap into the collective intelligence of the crowd. Each speaker will receive feedback, advice, insight and resources from the session participants. Following the pitch session, each presenter will have the opportunity to showcase their company at the "Entrepreneurs Expo" that will be held during the lunch portion of the event.

2. Interactive Workshops: Spark will offer several interactive workshops designed to address the real needs of today’s small business. Each workshop will provide concrete information, address the personal needs of attendees and offer solid business resources. Workshop topics will cover topics such as “how-to’s” from successful local startups, clear information on business funding, interactive training sessions on idea pitching (with attendee participation), a "do it as you learn" introduction to social media — and more. Spark’s Workshops will offer an interactive or creative element, allowing participants to learn through working with the presenters and each other.

3. Spark! Rooms: Sponsors will have the opportunity to secure their own Spark Rooms to help them connect, engage and interact with attendees. Spark! Rooms are designed to inspire our major sponsors to be creative and forward-thinking while they connect with attendees. Each Spark! Room will facilitate community thinking, resource pooling and to ignite outside the box thinking.

4. Creative Sponsorships: No Booths. No Tables. Just no-holds barred creativity. Unlike other entrepreneurial events, sponsors will advertise without the use of a table, showing participants the value (and effectiveness) in outside-the-box advertising. Spark sponsors will think of creative ways to get their message across, acting as an example for attendees working with a limited budget. This keeps the floor open for movement and networking.

5. Entrepreneur Expo: During the lunch portion of Spark, selected entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to showcase their companies in the main networking space. This will give the entrepreneurs a chance to introduce themselves to advisers, investors and other professionals immediately before pitch sessions.

6. Eat & Greet: Quite simply, people connect over food and drink. Spark will create social environments by including delicious edibles and spirits designed to help spark conversations.

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